Onboarding: The Beginning of Workforce Well-being

Have you ever considered how an effective onboarding process can promote workforce retention? Employee onboarding is the first step in the employment relationship; like planting a seed that will grow into a thriving plant. The quality of employee onboarding impacts staff satisfaction and professional growth, thus influencing intention to stay. Attend our webinar to learn how a well-crafted onboarding plan can support the growth and development of your health center’s workforce from day one.

Supporting Staff through Community Connections, Partnerships, and Resources

Join us for a 30-minute webinar to learn strategies that you can use to identify and invest in community engagement among your health center workforce. Building community partnerships in your workplace supports workforce well-being and influences employee engagement and reduced burnout. In addition to these, this webinar will address the following drivers from the Workforce Well-being Survey: Adequate Resources, Positive Workplace Culture, My Work Team, and Professional Growth.

Action Planning to Improve Workforce Well-being

Join us for an engaging, interactive webinar to dive into the process of creating an action plan to improve workforce well-being in your health center by using insights from the HRSA Health Center Workforce Well-being Survey results and report to guide you in strategizing, fostering team collaboration, and monitoring progress. This webinar will equip you with tools and skills to enhance team collaboration and transparency. Presenting real-life examples, presenters will discuss how written action plans can bring you closer to stakeholders and ensure accountability and alignment with objectives and your health center mission.

How to Create Training Models to Support Retention

Join us for an interactive case study presentation on incorporating training programs for health center support staff. Presenters will discuss how various apprenticeship training models improve staff satisfaction and retention.

Fostering Leaders that Support Workforce Well-being and Retention

Join us for an engaging, interactive webinar on how to foster leaders that support workforce well-being and staff retention. Presenters will discuss the driving factors that make great leaders and ways these leaders can build and grow a culture of well-being at a health center. Presenters will share some tools we can all use—no matter the level at which we lead—to be more successful at supporting the workforce well-being of our colleagues. Throughout the presentation, presenters will illustrate how to put the concepts discussed into practice, and lead attendees through interactive activities to engage with this information and practice these skills. Register here.

Health Professions Education and Training (HP-ET) Programs for Staff Retention

Join us for an interactive case study presentation on how to retain engaged, dedicated, experienced health center staff by building a health professions education and training (HP-ET) program. Presenters from Aviva Health, a health center based in Oregon, will discuss their initial MA training program and how they examined its gaps and created a new program to address their needs. Aviva Health will present their initial context and needs, then give space for the audience to discuss potential options for addressing these needs through HP-ET programming.

BPHC Workforce Well-being Technical Assistance Kickoff Webinar

A thriving healthcare workforce promotes the health of people and communities. Join us to learn how HRSA will be using national data from the HRSA Health Center Workforce Well-being Survey to provide focused, data-driven technical assistance to address burnout and the factors impacting health and workforce well-being.