Technical Assistance Opportunities


Leverage the power of community and find synergy with health center peers! Communities of practice will support you in applying innovative solutions related to well-being drivers such as meaningfulness, professional growth, and work life balance. You will learn strategies and techniques from our technical assistance providers and fellow health centers. Throughout eight interactive sessions meeting every other week, you will develop and implement an action plan related to your health center’s particular needs.


Engage with fellow health centers and subject matter experts over four months (nine bi-weekly sessions), to learn about and implement organizational changes that can improve workforce well-being. Participants will employ process improvement strategies to address workforce well-being drivers and improve workforce well-being outcomes. Each Learning Collaborative will have a different focus:

  • Equitable policies and procedures for work life balance (November 2024 – March 2025)
  • Improving retention through staff training plans (April 2025 – July 2025)

Coming Fall 2024!


Wondering how to implement what you learned in a webinar or a case study presentation? Visit our office hours from the comfort of your workstation to interact with subject matter experts (SMEs) and brainstorm with peers about how to put your ideas into action. SMEs will recap key concepts, then engage participants in discussion and answer questions. Topics include:

  • Effective onboarding
  • Strategic planning
  • Value of benefits
  • Team empowerment
  • Creating and implementing an action plan
  • Creating and implementing a workforce well-being strategy


Start or enhance your organization’s journey with workforce well-being. Connect with a technical assistance provider for individualized support (1 hour video or phone call) in any area of your workforce well-being efforts. Coaching sessions are useful for, but not limited to:

  • Exploring the results of your health center’s workforce well-being surveys or workforce well-being quality improvement efforts
  • Thinking through how to apply a concept or strategy
  • Developing an action plan
  • Deciding whether focused capacity building assistance would be appropriate

Coaching topics include:

  • Implementing concepts learned during a webinar
  • Creating a workforce well-being strategy
  • Integrating workforce well-being strategies in the health center’s strategic plan
  • Establishing workforce well-being champions
  • Adopting a promising practice


Start or enhance your organization’s journey with workforce well-being. Connect with a technical assistance (TA) provider for individual, in-person or virtual intensive assistance (5 hours), and let us help you assess your current efforts toward workforce well-being. You will work alongside your assigned TA provider, determine the focus of the TA, and identify action steps. Focused capacity building could include on-site training or meeting facilitation. Topics include:

  • Review of existing workforce well-being programs and strategies, and development of recommendations for next steps
  • Assistance with addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion in workforce well-being efforts
  • Assistance with implementation of a workforce well-being strategy
  • Review of existing career development opportunities, and recommendations for enhancement
  • Assistance making the case for workforce well-being efforts with key health center stakeholders
  • Assistance with implementing or following up on workforce well-being surveys


Learn about innovative and effective health center practices, programs, and resources that address workforce well-being created by health centers. Stay tuned for promising practices and stories of successful efforts to improve workforce well-being. Share your success stories with us! Your innovative and effective practices will help other health centers improve their workforce well-being efforts based on your experience and lessons learned.


Receive guidance and expertise on how to create a Workforce Well-being Strategy or a Standard Operating Procedure as a preventative strategy for workforce burnout. Stay tuned for upcoming technical assistance opportunities, such as an introductory webinar followed by office hours, and let us help you design and implement successful strategies. Take advantage of office hours, one-on-one coaching, or focused capacity building to help you create and implement a workforce well-being strategy.

*Watch the introductory webinar to learn how a workforce well-being strategy can support your workforce well-being efforts.


Learn how your health center can build a clear, detailed roadmap to support your workforce well-being goals and objectives. Download the Action Plan template and take advantage of office hours, one-on-one coaching, or focused capacity building to help you create and implement an action plan.

* Watch the introductory webinar to learn how action planning can support your workforce well-being efforts.


Learn about solutions that health centers like yours are implementing to overcome real-world workforce well-being challenges. Health center staff share compelling stories, relevant data, and innovative strategies that transformed their workforce well-being struggles into successes. Join us to get the inspiration and the tools you need to improve workforce well-being at your health center.


Join our engaging webinars to learn about interventions your health center can use to drive workforce well-being. Topics include:

  • Developing leaders
  • Fostering supportive teams
  • Creating effective policies and processes
  • Starting off strong with recruitment and onboarding
  • Enhancing staff engagement and professional development
  • Managing workload
  • And more!